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Saturday, April 02, 2005

How Strong is Your Password?

Parser, we'll have another work day this Monday. We hope to see as many people as possible to get the job done faster.

Sa lahat ng tumulong noong Friday, APRIL FOOL! Este, maraming salamat.

So, why the title? While reformatting and reinstalling the OS at MH 215, we had to set a password for all the root accounts. Sir TJ surfed over to this site, SecurityStats.Com, that measures how effective your password is. General tips include using a difficult-to-remember string of special characters, upper-and-lowercase letters, and numbers.

What are the chances you'll guess the password for MH 215? It's H4X0R-speak for something really, really related to Parser. ;) A l33tspeak form of the name of one of the most prominent figures in Computer Science came as a second choice.

Of course, it was the bias that chose ********* over ********. Tee-hee.


It's not the password anymore. Too bad. We're still working there, though. And as one of the few remaining tasks, we have to find a version of Fedora Core 2 that's stable with VirtualPC. This came up as the top result:
Basically only change the memory allocation and install in text mode. Do not run the GUI, download/configure/install kernel-2.6.7 from
The full details on the bug was also mentioned here. Now I'm no Linux expert so I just skimmed the page in the meantime. Hopefully, an SP1 fix for VirtualPC should do the job, according to comment #35. *shrug*

But, we have reason to rejoice. DCSF (c/o Ma'am Becca) has given us the check for the work we've been doing — and have yet to complete, awww — at 215. Yay!

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