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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Hey guys, just wanna ask y'all something.

There once was a peasant who lived all alone near a forest. Every morning, before the sun was up, he wakes up early to go to his fields. Every night, he would come home and sup all by himself. It was a boring life indeed. However, every Friday night, whenever he walks by the forest, he hears lively music the sort of which is played in festivals.
He decided to take a closer look, one night, and saw a nymph dancing about a clearing. Her gown moved and swayed with her
arms in time to the music. He saw no one else except the dancer but he minded not. He was not perplexed about the source of the lights or the music. However, he was mesmerized by the beauty of the nymph that all mortal thoughts fled his mind. The performance lasted until daybreak, when the lights, the music and the dancer would slowly fade away. He then returned home, in awe.
Since that fateful night, he found himself in the forest every Friday night. Each week, he would be there, completely entranced by her beauty. Yet he could not bring himself to touch her as it was known the gods would strike down any nymph or mortal who exceeded the limits set for them. Each Friday evening, he found himself seated a few yards from her; each instance, he sat a little closer, that he may behold more of the immortal beauty.
The nymph knew of his presence but said nothing as she continued dancing.
One night, the peasant went too far. Quite unable to resist, he reached out a trmebling hand and felt the fleeting touch of her misty gown on her fingertips. The nymph:

a. paused, before resuming her dance, her feet trampling over the ashes of a thousand crumbling pieces of burnt peasant.
b. lured him into her world, where no immortal eye can see them, where none of the gods can judge them.
c. turned to look at him and smiled. She then continued dancing. Since that night, she was seen no more.
d. smiled, took his outstretched hand in hers and danced with him through the night. She renounced her immortality to be
with him.

Please select an ending and if it's alright with yah, explain why you chose it. Thaaanks!

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Blogger tweety said...

I like either ending b or c. I've always been fascinated with fairies, nymphs and stuff (part of the reason why I'm into mythology), and I guess it's all because of how entrancing they are. Ending b and c both depict that enchantment.


3/27/2005 11:52 PM  
Blogger infobuilder said...

A! The peasant got too close... and it's fun to have a morbid ending sometimes...

3/29/2005 11:13 PM  

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