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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Google Stuff

Whoa! It's really been a while since someone last posted here! Anyway, some Google stuff

Codesearch - For coders like us

Mentalplex - For psychic users. Actually, one of Google's April Fool's trick.

Barebones - For those who really just want to search, abhorring ads and bandwidth-consuming stuff

Gulp! - More intelligent, less thirsty

Pigeon Rank - Google reveals the technology behind PageRank

Copernicus Center - An unorthodox job opportunity at Google

Romance - One of Google's more lame April Fool's pranks

Google Moon - The lunar counterpart of Google Maps/Google Earth. Zoom up close for a shocking proof of what any self-respecting Grade 1 student knows.

Ewmew - one of Google's various mods, Elmer Fudd's Google Search. Also available, Bork, Hacker, Piglatin and Klingon (Trekkies, unite!) No, they don't have Elvenspeak or Encan. Haha, asa! Avisala!

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