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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Attitude Problems?

Nobody is perfect in this world. And no matter how good a person can be, he or she can still have an attitude problem. But don't let his imperfection prevent you from being his friend. Try to discover some of the attitude problems in the world and learn how to deal with it.

  1. The Recognition-freak Problem

You can easily spot a person with this kind of problem. He is hardworking, very competitive, and always craving for attention. But the problem with this kind of person is that whenever he succeeds on something, he will definitely let the whole world know about it. Not that it's really bad, but it is somewhat annoying. This person will constantly remind you how good he is, specially if he thinks you're not really amazed by his greatness, and will not stop until he hears you admit that he really is a great person.

To deal with this kind of person, you should at least praise him once in a while. After all, everybody needs a little recognition. But don't overdo it, unless you are his loyal fan. If he's really following you around telling you all about his greatness, just try to listen and find the right time to change the topic. For example, you can talk about things that the two of you are interested in, or maybe you can play some sports. After all he is competitive. That'll keep him busy.

  1. The Amazona Problem

Not that I'm sexist, but this type of problem usually exists in a girl. Why? I don't know. Maybe because of their monthly period or maybe it is in their genes. But anyway, a person with this problem usually has a very strong personality – intelligent, mataray, and independent. If you ask her a nice simple question, she will answer blatantly and the word “Duh!” is usually coined with it. If you find yourself in a debate with this person, then good luck! This person doesn't accept defeat and she will drown you with her very fast and very articulate words. To top it all off, her sentences all end with and exclamation point.

Now to deal with this person, just talk to her in a calm normal voice. Do not raise your voice, do not be sarcastic, and do not make fun of her (because she can be physically brutal too!). Just be patient. After all, she can be a really good ally.

  1. The Freeloader Problem

This is the typical stud. He is very sporty, a playboy, usually filthy rich, very nice to everyone, but laxly. Please don't be fooled by his amicable and angelic nature, because this person will use you like how he uses his housemaid. He will ask you to do things for him, he will copy your notes, and he will call you early in the morning asking you to teach him the lessons he slept in your class.

In group activities, this person groups himself with a very reliable hardworking person – an easy victim for him is a recognition-freak. And when it's time to work, you can hear a lot of excuses from this person. He will let his group mates do the dirty work while he enjoys the luxuries of life – good food, Playstation 2, flirting with his girlfriend on the phone, shoot some hoops, etc.

The only way to deal with this person is to avoid teaming up with him. He is a good friend but a very bad groupmate.

  1. Reklamador Problem

A reklamador is really a hardworking person, it's just that he complains a lot while working. Come to think of it, he can be a GC (Grade Conscious) too. You can usually see this type of person talking to his teacher after an exam, begging him to discard the exam or begging for bonus points and complaining that the exam was really really hard even though the teacher really taught the lesson very well and even gave an example similar to that in the exam. You can also hear him complain how his class was poorly handled, how bad the food tastes, how dirty the place is, and all that. He just keeps on complaining without regard on how other people might feel.

Due to his reklamador nature, he usually finds a way to make his complain-full life by finding a complain-free life. For example, he usually enrolls in an easy-uno-class where the workload is light and where the teacher gives an uno easily.

To deal with this kind of person, just be patient and listen to him whine – even though you're not really listening at all. Or maybe you can explain him the other side of the coin. But remember to be tactful and polite.

  1. The Melodramatic Problem

If you see someone punching the wall or burning his hands with a lighter, and if you hear someone saying things like 'There is a void in my heart' and 'My life is nothing without her' then that person has the melodramatic problem. Sad to say, but this person usually is heartbroken. But this problem is not always associated with love affairs. Basically, this type of person treats life so seriously that he feels so depressed whenever something bad happens to him. It is sometimes so annoying to hear him tell the same story again and again. And It is really annoying when he is your group mate and he brings his problem to your work. He will become less productive, less helpful, and he could even endanger your whole project. But be alarmed, people like him are usually suicidal.

As I mentioned, this person can be suicidal. So handle with care. He is very sensitive and it will only make things worse if you offend him. So be gentle, be nice, and try to listen to his story. But after that, try cheering him up. Share your own sad stories and how you recover from your sad state. Teach him how to be strong and let him know that he still have a good future in store for him.

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