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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Arial vs. Helvetica (The Game)

You cannot get any geekier than playing a neverending flash game where two lookalike fonts hit each other, character by character!

First, a lesson in Typeface history. Sometimes, it's nice to be sensitive about these things. (Or is this way too specialized for anyone else?)

"Helvetica was developed by the Haas Foundry of Switzerland in the 1950s. Microsoft distributed a typeface called Arial, a very similar typeface, that comes bundled with every desktop computer.

Thus Arial has now overtaken Helvetica as the standard font in practically everything done by those who don't know better.

Take the role of Helvetica, and let Arial know we don't need its type around here."

It's addicting, I tell you. If only the upcoming print version of Parser (it's coming! just you wait!) would make way for a game review of it.

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