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Monday, May 23, 2005

Columnist in the House

void sideNote(String FLT) {
Update on FLT? The magic of the blogosphere's self-correcting nature demonstrated this instant. Abe reports on the developments here and there, while Roy Choco posts what the UP Math Department has to say.

EDIT: Alecks Pabico's post in the PCIJ Blog outshines the rest. (He was a speaker in the recent iBlog summit, BTW) He shows us what a journalist ought to do in verifying facts.

sayang. I had half-hoped there would be a flurry on this. That would have been such fun to watch. Math crumbling before your very eyes.

Enough dreaming. Let's move on;

void sideNote2() {
Farewell to you, dear Louis Leithold.
Rest in peace, esteemed George Dantzig.

public static void main(String[] unnecessaryArgs) {
Here's the must read. part A biweekly column on Mac and Linux in the Manila Bulletin starting this June, by no less than Prof. Rommel Feria, Director of the UP Computer Center, and one of the senior DCS Faculty.

The first one's out already. It introduces the reader to the world of Open source — something that must be done a lot more often these days.

Watch out for an interview with Sir Rommel in the upcoming issue of The UP Parser! Soon;

No, I do not wish to code again. I'm just suddenly fond of those curly braces.

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Anonymous Corsarius II said...

yep, sayang nga. hehe. anyway.

congratulations to Sir Rommel! :D

5/23/2005 3:21 AM  

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