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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

UP Team to Compete in ImagineCup 2005 World Finals

A post long overdue. Immediately after UP ACM's Chapter Excellence Awards comes another milestone in the DCS. Two breaking stories, back-to-back, in two days.

The second: out of three finalists in the ImagineCup 2005 Philippine Finals, two came from UP Diliman. iSchool (UPTeam1), the second runner-up, is an UVLê-inspired web app. Vulcan (UPTeam2), the first-placer, is a "customizable web service based on Stanley Milgram's Six Degrees of Separation theory."

UPTeam1 is made up of Tweety Dario, Jeff Quiambao, Egay Sto. Domingo, and Aimee Villaraza while UPTeam2 consists of Krissy Baylon, Jeric Cantos, Rhea Lucas, and Kaye Roxas. Creators of Vulcan will represent the Philippines this coming July 27 to August 1 in Yokohama, Japan. And once more, Sir TJ Vergel de Dios will be there as coach.

Congratulations to the two teams, especially to Parser staffers Tweety and Jeric!

More details are in Sir TJ's post in the WuzzUP Blog. (WuzzUP is the faculty newsletter of the DCS, and has been a vital information source for Parser ever since.)

The academic year has just begun and already we've got lots to celebrate about. Talk about first week funk!

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