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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Let's see.

...(One is to mention a famous site, or share URLs you've been going to.) can keep you stuck surfing for hours. Just like endless streams of blog clicking. It's all about sharin' the love babeh.

...(Another is to comment on a familiar event in the hopes that everyone else will throw in their two cents.)

I just find it a bit odd that it's only now people (read: influential, hype-inducing media) have come to notice it as a "phenomenon," when it's been around for quite a while.

...(Another is to quote a post from somewhere as this'll get you listed in the trackbacks that everyone else sees.)

Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask by a certain Simon:

12. If you think this blogging caper is a path to fame and fortune, give up now.

22. The great thing about blogging is plagiarising is encouraged. That's why so many academics blog. The only trick is plagiarising needs to be accompanied by links back to the original...because links are the lifeblood of a blogger. So go ahead and steal.

35. Learn to insult creatively.

39. Blog is an ugly word but we're stuck with it.

50. Ignore all the conflicting advice you get, including this.

(Though of course you must give credit where it's due.)

...(Another is to cut-and-paste your last-song-syndrome, as though you've found such unique and inspired verses to describe how you feel at the moment. Or just to give a hint without claiming responsibility for drawing out the emotions you'd rather hide.)

When the light disappears
And when this world’s insincere
You’ll be safe here
When nobody hears you scream
I’ll scream with you
You’ll be safe here

You'll Be Safe Here / Rivermaya
"Spirits" Theme Song

Someone on the site from where I got this commented, "my four-year old baby love this song". Then I realized it was also a lullaby.

...(Another is to throw randomness in some list-type form, as you're perhaps too lazy to come up with a great lit piece on such short notice)

And I guess that's what I just did here. Not everything works for everyone, though. Not even experiments like these.

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Blogger Corsarius said...

hehe! astig. true, true.

1/06/2005 11:33 PM  

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