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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Caught in the Web 2007

Caught in the Web 2007

caught in the threads of the information age

The same information can be delivered in many different ways.
But the value added to the information varies on how it is presented.

This is Caught in the Web 2007: Spinning The Web With Our Fingers.

The event aims to educate people on many ways static information can be brought into the digital information space and be appreciated by the consumers through rich digital designs and layout.

from the vision and conceptualization … to the materialization of ideas

This event is a web interface design competition for high-school and college undergraduate students. Through this competition, students from all over the country can show how to be creative in giving life to dull information.

Professional web developers and graphics designers are not allowed to join the competition.

This event is sponsored by the University of the Philippines Association of Computer Science Majors (UP CURSOR) and is held as part of the CS Week, an annual celebration of the founding of the UP Department of Computer Science. We as an organization believe not only in educating Computer Science students with regard to their chosen course but concern ourselves with a student’s holistic development; thus, events such as these were born from the passion of its members.

This event is also sponsored by the UP Engineering Web Team (UP EWT) and Azeus Systems.

We invite you to share these passions and to move with us towards our ideal.

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